Technical and Engineering

Technical translation is the specialized translation of documents written by technical writers, either related to areas of technology or involving the practical application of scientific and technological information.

This type of service includes the translation of a wide variety of specialized texts, and requires not only a heightened level of knowledge on the subject matter, but also complete mastery of the relevant terminology and writing conventions.

Technical translation, as a whole, is a balance between art and science, influenced by both theory and practice. Hence, mastery of the linguistic and aesthetic characteristics of translation applies directly to the field of technical translation.

How can we help?

By offering a team of translators and reviewers with technical profiles (engineers), BTS stands out from the rest thanks to the quality and reliability of its technical translations.

Our translators can make technical jargon accessible to a wider audience, achieving an appropriate balance between technical content and elegant, fluid writing.

We’ve translated hundreds of millions of words in projects involving the following types of technical translations:

  • Technical articles
  • Technical bulletins
  • Instruction manuals
  • Specification sheets
  • Patents
  • Technical proposals

We serve the following technical areas:

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