Website Translation

Learn more about how website translation works, and how BTS can professionally translate your company’s web pages, ensuring high-quality content in other languages

The Internet is the greatest showcase of all companies and brands around the world. Accordingly, presence on the web – with a site that is professionally designed and properly translated into several languages – can make a major difference for your company’s marketing and international expansion!

We can even consider that this wide-reaching network of information and people is the main link between sellers and consumers. After all, it’s the main source of information, for customers seeking decisive information to make purchasing decisions. This is precisely why website translation is so crucial for those who want to remain well-positioned and up-to-date on the global market.

Remember that being visible on the internet doesn’t just mean being on the web. Even if your site is often visited by a large number of people, your information may not be understood in the best possible way. Such limitations of audience can even cause companies to lose revenue.

Advantages of the BTS website translator

Translating websites is an issue that requires linguistic skills in different languages ​​and technical know-how in the different areas in which the client-company does business. To meet these requirements, BTS has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in wide-ranging fields.

We can thereby achieve a level of quality in service and project development that exceeds your company’s expectations.

We are specialized in translating and adapting websites to the language and culture desired by our clients. Plus, BTS uses a rigorous review method to ensure linguistic accuracy and the correct contextualization of the information offered on your web pages – a fully developed process to provide complete adaptation of the website to the target language.

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