Text Translation

BTS understands the need and importance of text translation for international business, jobs, and agreements. Accordingly, we focus on offering a wide range of solutions to meet your technical and corporate translation demands.

We operate in virtually all areas of text translation and all genres of text. From press releases to contracts and proposals, we focus on everything that involves translation to solve communication problems.

Tradução de Texto para Empresas

Good performance begins within the company. Our translators comprise a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team made up of professionals of various nationalities. Furthermore, our areas of specialization cover virtually all possibilities of written translation, which gives us the advantage of identifying and selecting the best professionals for a particular job.

Translation review

All translation work performed by the BTS team undergoes a meticulous review process. This stage ensures the quality of the text and, above all, grammatical and stylistic correctness and proper use of the terms and parlance of specific fields.

In technical translations, we also place tremendous importance on grammatical correctness and technical accuracy so as to avoid situations of ambiguity of the original meaning (such as in the translation of user manuals and guides, for example).

All review and correction procedures guarantee an end product totally free of errors and rich in complete and accurate information.

Personalization – one of the secrets of our success

BTS is an organization that believes in personalizing client service as a way to maintain loyalty. The more we translate for a particular client, the more specialized our translators become in the style, terminology and jargon used in that company’s documents.

The technology that our team of translators uses plays a key role in personalizing these texts. We use translation tools that allow us to standardize and use the client’s specific terminology. In this way, the content is conveyed to the reader even more accurately, without losing clarity in any of the languages ​​used.

We also offer formatting and layout of the translated materials

We understand the importance of proper presentation of any type of document. Therefore, we offer our clients layout, formatting, and desktop publishing solutions

The professionals responsible for this area use the best tools available on the market to ensure optimal visual quality of the text. We use professional programs such as Quark Express, InDesign and PageMaker, both on Mac and PC platforms.

If you or your company requires specialized text translation services, BTS has the solution.


Raphael Ferreira

Financial Supervisor at Schlatter Brasil

Perfect quality in client service, with a skilled and attentive staff, meeting all my emergency translation needs. In fact, I define BTS as a strategic partner in our day-to-day activity.