Technical Translation

Learn more about Technical Translation, its specifics, when to use it, and why BTS is your ideal solution for this type of translation!

Technical translation represents one of the foremost segments of the translation market, and is characterized by its high degree of difficulty. Technical translators must have in-depth knowledge of all the technical terms and parlance of the source language and the respective translation into the target language. However, this alone is not enough: They need to master the subject matter completely, and have excellent technical training as well as outstanding writing skills so that the final text flows smoothly, regarless of its technical complexity.

It’s also worth noting that technical translators must have a proven command of the language and the jargon used, in addition to technical knowledge of the specific area of the text to be translated, given the need to be utterly faithful to the original text. Furthermore, mistakes in the translation of technical terms can bring about financial losses, lead to improper use of equipment, render tools and machines unusable, and may even harm people’s health.

Technical translation – performed by specialized and highly skilled professionals – is the only way to translate a document (or any text) without digressing from its original content and purpose.

When should technical translation be used?

Technical translation is necessary whenever refined technical knowledge and language skills are required to ensure an accurate and thorough understanding of all information translated from one language to another.

If you have any doubts about when you need to hire technical translators, the following example will help you understand their role: Imagine a new pharmaceutical drug made in France and not yet marketed here in Brazil. When it arrives in a country, the new drug might even keep its original name, but the package insert – or patient information leaflet – must be translated into Portuguese.

Here is where the role of a technical translator comes into play. Their job is to translate the content of the package insert as accurately as possible, precisely conveying all of the information. The wording may vary according to the style of each translator, but the culture, habits and units of measurement of each country must be conveyed to maintain the same sense of the original package insert.

Why hire BTS?

BTS has far-reaching knowledge of the translation market, so we know that a highly skilled team of technical translators is paramount for the proper development of any project. With this in mind, we’ve selected a multidisciplinary group of professionals, each with a demonstrably solid technical profile.

We focus on speed and quality. In order to preserve the reputation we’ve earned, we invest in training and qualification of our professionals, who are always ready, willing and able to take on new projects.

We offer a full range of translation services for technical documents and articles, such as manuals, specifications, proposals, and technical standards. We are also specialized in translating technical bulletins, package inserts, and designs in the areas of chemical, civil, mechanical, electrical, production, and food engineering.

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