Simultaneous Translation

We offer state-of-the-art simultaneous translation equipment to ensure the highest quality sound and image, plus professional technicians who perform set-up/break-down and take care of every detail of your event.

The success of an event with simultaneous translation depends on a skilled team of interpreters, suitable equipment to ensure high-quality audio and video, a qualified technical teamto set up, operate, and break down the equipment, and well-trained receptionists.

This is why our company offers the most modern equipment available today, developed exclusively for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. In addition, a team of technicians is also available to set up, operate and break down all the equipment quickly and efficiently. Completely soundproof translation booths that can be quickly set up and taken down are also part of the translation equipment we rent.

Other available features include multi-channel wireless receivers, which prevent loss of frequency and increase the broadcast range. These mini-receivers function as strategic points of transmission and are nearly imperceptible. In this way, we offer sophistication in wireless and fully portable devices.

New simultaneous translation equipment

Knowing the main simultaneous translation needs of small and medium-sized meetings and events, BTS offers a full line of portable simultaneous translation equipment. These devices are extremely well suited for small meetings, where booths and technicians are unnecessary.

The equipment is also suitable for environments where the noise level is high, for example, arenas and places with a large audience. Thus, the lecturers can speak normally without changing their tone of voice, and the group listens on earphones without any difficulty at all.

Sound systems and projections

Empresa com equipamento para tradução simultânea em São Paulo

BTS knows that investing in modernization is very important to ensure the success of any event. With this in mind, our company started offering a complete and modern line of equipment for sound systems and projection of images and videos.

We have mixing tables and speakers with enough power to set up a sound system for everything from small venues to large rooms and spaces for events. Plus, we offer all types of microphones designed to facilitate voice capture and transmission.

Our video projectors, data shows and overhead projectors are suitable to offer optimal performance at your events. When associated with our projection screens, they enhance the image and increase the quality of the PA system.

All of this was developed with a clear mission in mind: to ensure that all audiovisual information is conveyed with complete fidelity, clarity and speed. Regardless of the characteristics of the venue, BTS guarantees that you will have high-quality transmissions.

To learn more about our simultaneous transmission equipment, please contact our consultants, who are standing by and ready to assist you. Our phone number is +55 (11) 3289-2289, or if you wish, you can email us