Simultaneous Translation

Learn how BTS can help your company with Simultaneous Translation services and equipment, offering a full solution for your events, meetings and lectures in other languages.

Simultaneous translation is essential in order to offer a fully communicative environment at lectures, training sessions, seminars and conferences, attended by speakers and audiences of different nationalities.

What is simultaneous translation?

Simultaneous translation is a type of translation in which the speaker’s words are translated simultaneously by the interpreter and transmitted directly to the audience through a sound system and earphones.

This type of simultaneous translation serviceis necessary and mainly recommended for long business meetings, lectures with large numbers of people, and other types of events with audiences and speakers of different nationalities.

The translators generally work in pairs and remain in booths located at strategic points around the event venue. These booths are completely soundproof, in order to avoid problems understanding the speaker’s words.

How does our simultaneous translation service work?

Inside the soundproof booths, the simultaneous translator hears the speaker’s words directly, which are transmitted by the sound system to his/her headset. So our experienced interpreters can translate the speaker’s words and transmit the information simultaneously through a microphone connected to the audience’s earphones.

There are countless communication advantages of this type of translation, but one stands out above the rest: simultaneous interpretation ensures that the speaker’s words are transmitted in different languages ​​at virtually the same time, allowing the audience to follow any slides or other visual aids along with the speaker’s words already translated into the target language.

Advantages of hiring BTS

BTS has already performed simultaneous translation services at thousands of conventions, conferences, lectures, courses and events. Our track record is mostly the result of the excellent work performed by our extremely competent and professional interpreters.

We offer a complete solution in simultaneous translation, covering not only the conference interpreters, but also receptionists, state-of-the-art translation and sound equipment, as well as recording and videotaping, so you don’t have to worry about anything during your event.

We have a group of renowned and experienced interpreters, who have already performed simultaneous translation at thousands of events in Brazil and abroad. Furthermore, we offer equipment rental for heightened sophistication at your event and ensure the quality of the sound signal transmitted to the attendees.

We use the most modern equipment available on the market, with soundproof booths, functional receivers and mobile transmitters, in addition to various types of microphones and cables.

The BTS translation team performs set-up, installation and breakdown of all rented equipment. We also provide coordination and technical support during all stages of the simultaneous translationby professionals who remain at the event for its entire duration.

For events where attendees need to move about the venue, we provide portable equipment.

Types of Simultaneous Translation


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