Consecutive Translation

Check out how Consecutive Translation can be important for your company’s projects and learn more about the advantages of this kind of translation.


In a globalized world, consecutive interpreters play a key role in the smooth running of meetings, events, and courses taught to Brazilians by foreigners.

What is consecutive translation?

Consecutive translation is the type of translation whereby the speaker speaks for a short period and pauses so the translator can translate what has been said. It is ideal for more informal events or those with a smaller audience, such as corporate meetings, business meals, and even interviews. But it is worth remembering that this type of translation takes quite a bit longer than simultaneous translation, whereby the interpreter translates the speakers words simultaneously as he or she is speaking.

BTS offers complete communications solutions and has a specialized group of interpreters with many years of experience in Brazil and abroad. Our professionals are able to perform consecutive translations in six different languages, an additional advantage for your business meetings or gatherings.

The advantage of consecutive interpretation

With consecutive translation (unlike simultaneous translation), the main advantage is the fact that no special equipment is required, such as soundproof booths and headsets. For meetings, in most cases, no additional resources are needed; for courses and events, suffice it to have a sound system and a microphone with the same quality as the one used by the speaker.

It’s important for the consecutive translator not to lose eye contact with the speaker, in order to ensure a fully contextualized translation that is replete with original information.

When hiring a BTS consecutive interpreter, you and your company can rest assured that all confidential information will be kept confidential, respecting all ethical procedures involved in the service.

Reception and concierge services

We also offer personalized reception and concierge services for foreigners, from the moment they arrive in Brazil (at the airport) to their participation in meetings, meals, or even sightseeing and shopping.

For more information about our services, and/or to request a price quote for consecutive translation, please contact our consultants through the website. If you wish, you can also call +55 (11) 3289-2289 or email us at


Carlo Hauschild

Sócio-Diretor – Sandler Training Brasil | São Paulo

Sandler Training found a true partner in BTS, concerned with the quality and fluidity of the translated material, which goes far beyond simple and near-literal translation. Nosso material de treinamento em vendas atingiu um novo patamar com a ajuda da BTS.