Translation services

The translation services BTS are provided for all sectors in which your company operates. With the professionalism and experience of our team of translators with deep technical and linguistic knowledge, BTS can carry out various translation projects with the quality and speed that your company needs and seeks.

Our translation professionals have international experience, in direct contact with other cultures, in addition to technical specialization in various market segments. We offer our translation services in six languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese) to provide all the communications support your company needs to conduct its business and preserve its reputation.

Meeting different translation demands

Companies in the financial sector can count on a full range of solutions in financial translation, and on our proven expertise in translating reports, prospectuses, proposals, and financial statements.

BTS is also a major player in the legal field, with a team of certified translators specializing in Law, who – in addition to preserving the context of your documents – will also render the translations entirely according to the laws and regulations of the source country or target country.

It is worth noting that certified translation (also known as sworn translation) can only be performed by professionals who have undergone a public selection process and attained the required score on an official exam, administered under the responsibility of the respective State Boards of Trade.

Regardless of the sector in which your company is engaged, BTS has the right type of translation for every business concern.

One of our key distinguishing features is the final stage of the translation process: the review. No job is delivered without first undergoing a rigorous review process to ensure terminological and contextual accuracy.

For more information about all of our translation services, you can access our other pages or contact us at +55 (11) 3289-2289. If you wish, you can also send your request for a price quote to


Glaucio Henrique

Product Manager – Business Solutions at D-Link Brasil

BTS was the only company that offered the skills and technical knowledge to translate our manuals and product guides. BTS’s expertise meant that the quality of our translated materials improved considerably, helping our customers and reducing operational expenses on technical support and service. Today, we no longer worry about translation and review of materials for a market as demanding as the Brazilian market