Translators for companies

Whether for professional contacts, making a good impression and conveying confidence to a potential partner or client, or for personal matters, such as letters of recommendation or documents to be used in another country, it is essential to manage to communicate well in another language. Therefore, when translating a particular document, it must not contain any information or spelling errors in the language of the interlocutor.

BTS’s range of activity extends to both individuals and legal entities. This means that it is possible to employ the assurance of high quality, benchmark services for individual documents and texts used for personal use, and also for official uses of large firms, government agencies and professional contacts.

This means that the agency also has an interdisciplinary focus, working for a wide range of industries such as information technology (IT), telecommunications, law, engineering, business and even dealing with medical jargon. In response, several large companies have become clients, guaranteeing the satisfaction of having their documents translated with clarity and accuracy.

The market also involves national and international relations, translating Brazilian texts for other countries and also receiving foreign texts to be translated into Portuguese, all with qualified translators for companies and an established position in the market.

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