Translation Services USA

BTS realizes just how important communication is nowadays, particularly among large multinational companies, which need to exchange information with several countries and in several languages. Aiming to facilitate negotiations and to convey content as faithfully as possible, BTS is increasingly investing in specialized, highly qualified professionals.

Present in the market since 1995, BTS offers excellent in translation services from English into other languages, mainly Portuguese and Spanish. To offer the best in translation at all times, the company also works in various areas of activity, such as legal, medical, finance, business and insurance. BTS also provides the service of sworn translation from English, which consists of converting a document into another language, making sure it has the same legal value in another country.

To always provide the highest quality in translations from English, BTS relies on a group of specialized native professionals, who are in constant contact with the English language and are able to produce a translation that is faithful to the original content.

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