Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation is essential in conferences, courses, seminars, training sessions, etc. when not all speakers and listeners share a common language.

BTS has provided its services at hundreds of events requiring simultaneous interpreting, and our interpreters have spent thousands of hours working in interpretation booths.

On top of our vast experience and established track record rendering simultaneous translation services, we can also offer your company several advantages:

Turn-key Solution

If you require simultaneous interpreting services, BTS can take care of everything. In addition to providing interpreters and equipment, we can also take care of your Audio Visual needs.

Experienced Interpreters

We rely on a team of fully trained, highly experienced interpreters, capable of covering the language gap in presentations, panel discussions and other types of sessions with efficiency, clarity, and accuracy. Each of these seasoned professionals will have performed in hundreds of events, and therefore having also mastered the jargon and specific terminology of the speaker’s field of activity.

State-of-the-art Equipment 

Our interpreting booths feature cutting edge soundproofing, receivers, transmitters and microphones. We will manage all equipment required for simultaneous interpreting, from setup to disassembly. We also include coordination and technical support, providing on-site help to the professionals during the event, all the way through.

Consecutive Interpreting

The success of any business meeting or training course involving both Brazilians and foreigners relies on effective communication.

A foreign expert will not be able to train your employees efficiently unless the language/cultural barriers are overcome. BTS is fully aware of this, and provides experienced translators to act as facilitators, in order to maximize effectiveness in workshops, business meetings or training courses.

Reception and Escort Services

We also offer customized services for welcoming foreign visitors, from arrival at a Brazilian airport through to their participation in business meetings and dinners, including sightseeing and shopping tours.

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