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This section provides a list of on-line dictionaries to be found in the Internet. The idea is to compile the most interesting topics the network has to offer in a single site and to provide users with an extensive source of research material, facilitating research on words and/or expressions in several languages.

Portuguese Dictionaries

English-English Dictionaries

Portuguese-English Dictionaries

English-Portuguse Dictionaries

Dicionários Português-Espanhol

Spanish-Portuguese Dictionaries

Portuguese-French Dictionaries

French-Portuguese Dictionaries

Portuguese-Italian Dictionaries

Italian-Portuguese Dictionaries

Portuguese-German Dictionaries

German-Portuguese Dictionaries

Multilingual Dictionaries

Spanish Dictionaries

We would like to emphasize that this section is the result of a major effort by our staff  to compile the best links and this would not have been possible without the help of several people (mostly anonymous) who collaborated and helped us put this list of dictionaries together.

Portuguese-Portuguese Dictionaries

Dicionário Aulete: Provides over 818,000 words, definitions and expressions, being continuously updated.  There is no limit to the growth of this dictionary, constantly interacting with the Portuguese language.

Michaelis Moderno Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa: Comprises over 500,000 definitions, covering over 200,000 entries and derivatives, in an effort to include the largest possible vocabulary used in written as well as spoken language.  It is also a Portuguese dictionary for German, Spanish, French, English and Italian and vice-versa.

Dicionário de Português: Offers definitions for over 700,000 words and is also a Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese dictionary.

Dicionárioweb: Claiming to contain over 3,000,000 words, it comes close to encompass the entire vast Portuguese language.  It also is a Portuguese to German, Spanish, French, English, and Italian dictionary.

Dicionário online de português: This Brazilian dictionary of the Portuguese language covers meanings, definitions, examples of rhymes, containing over 400,000 entries.

Wikipédia: Though not exactly a dictionary, it is a rich source for research, and worthwhile as a source for research.

Infopedia (Portugal): Portuguese Language Dictionary by the publisher, Porto Editora, comprising 920,000 words and can be searched, containing nearly 265,000 definitions, parts of speech, idiomatic expressions and proverbs.  It includes 21 dictionaries from Portuguese to German, Spanish, French, English, and Italian; and vice versa as well.

Dicionário Universal da Língua Portuguesa (Portugal): Contains 97,000 words, including parts of speech and phraseology enabling consultation for definitions, synonyms, antonyms, by acceptance, subentries and parts of speech.

Portuguese-English Dictionaries

Michaelis Moderno Dicionário Inglês: A bilingual English-Portuguese dictionary featuring 330,000+ translations distributed in over 167,000 entries.

Dicionário de Português: Offers definitions for 700,000+ words.

Infopedia (Portugal): A dictionary by the publisher Porto Editora providing over 80,000 entries and 765,000 words that can be searched.

LookWAYUp: An interesting dictionary claiming to contain 80,000 entries per language.

WordReference: In spite of being a Beta version, it is a very interesting and comprehensive dictionary.

Portuguese-English Travlang’s On-line Dictionary: A simple dictionary containing about 15,000 entries.

LOGOS Dictionary: Though it is not just a bilingual dictionary, LOGOS is a good choice for Portuguese-English searches, since it has a database of over 7.5 million entries covering 30 languages. Type in a word in Portuguese and get the translation to several languages.

Spanish-Portuguese Dictionaries

Spanish Dictionarie Word Reference

Spanish Dictionarie Michaelis

Spanish Dictionarie Infopedia

Portuguese-French Dictionaries

French Dictionarie Michaelis

French Dictionarie Travlang

French Dictionarie Infopédia

Portuguese-Italian Dictionaries

Italian Dictionaries Babelmundo

Italian Dictionaries Michaelis

Italian Dictionaries Infopédia

Portuguese-German Dicitionaries

German Dicitionarie Michaelis

German Dicitionarie Travlang

German Dicitionarie Infopédia

English-English Dictionaries

Onelook Dictionaries: More than a simple online dictionary. Onelook is a tool that can search a given word in 1062 dictionaries enabling multiple definitions for a single entry.  There are over 19 million words indexed in its database.  For more specific searches, consult the list of dictionaries and glossaries included in its database.

Babylon: This one has a broad English – English dictionary. You’ll need only type in the word in the dialogue box and select English (US). Translates over 3,000,000 words and expressions.

Merriam-Websters OnLine: Also called WWWebster, it offers an online version of the celebrated Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition, and includes a thesaurus.

The Wordsmyth Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus (WEDT): An online American English dictionary with Thesaurus, including 50,000 entries and their respective definitions, usage examples, and synonyms. Very complete and broad definitions. Includes the correct meaning and spelling of over 600,000 words, covering information technology and Internet terms, medical jargon, acronyms and abbreviations, chemical elements, etc. The online version of Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases, providing a number of synonyms for each word searched.

English-Portuguese Dictionaries

Babylon: Translates over 3,000,000 words and expressions from English to a number of languages including Portuguese: An excellent option.

Michaelis Moderno Dicionário Inglês: A bilingual dictionary for English and Portuguese, with over 330,000 translations spread over 167,000 entries.

Babla: Actually an interactive multilingual dictionary, where users can suggest their own translations, and which provides several usage examples of a specific word.

LookWAYUp: An interesting dictionary, claiming to contain 80,000 entries per language.  Translations into Portuguese are located to the right in green.

Linguee: With the slogan “The web is a dictionary,”  Linguee proposes a different form of translation.  It is a search tool that uses the Internet as a database.  This service searches thousands of bilingual documents online to find the word or expression you want to translate.

Infopedia (Portugal): Dictionary from Porto Editora providing over 80,000 entries and 100,000 words that can be searched.

Dicionário Visual: With the motto “Because a picture is worth more than a thousand words,” this very interesting dictionary not offers a series of pictures related to the word studied, and also translates into/from English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German.

English-Portuguese Travlang’s On-line Dictionary: A simple dictionary, offering about 15,000 entries.

Spanish-Portuguese Dictionaries

Spanish-Portuguese Dictionarie Word Reference

Spanish-Portuguese Dictionarie Michaelis

Spanish-Portuguese Dictionarie Infopédia

Spanish-Portuguese Dictionarie Dicionário Web

French-Portuguese Dictionaries

French-Portuguese Dictionarie Michelis

French-Portuguese Dictionaries Travlang

French-Portuguese Dictionaries Infopédia

French-Portuguese Dictionaries Dicionário Web

Italian-Portuguese Dictionaries

Italian-Portuguese Dictionarie Michaelis

Italian-Portuguese Dictionarie Babel Mundo

Italian-Portuguese Dictionaries Infopédia

German-Portuguese Dictionaries

German-Portuguese Dictionaries Michaelis

German-Portuguese Dictionaries Transdept

German-Portuguese Dictionaries Infopédia

Spanish Dictionaries

Real Academia de la Lengua Española: A dictionary and Spanish language database.  It allows checking the meaning of the words/terms as well as expressions and verb conjugations.  Updated every six months.

Dicionário An online dictionary of the Spanish language.  It also translates Spanish-English, English-Spanish, Spanish-French, and French-Spanish, and includes a synonym/antonym dictionary and medical terms.

SpanishDict: It offers a broad range dictionary in Spanish, plus a host of resources to learn the language.

La Página Del Idioma Español: Offers links to many Spanish and bilingual dictionaries (English<>Spanish), as well as technical dictionaries and a wide array of glossaries.  An excellent source for research.

Multilingual Dictionaries

Google Dictionary: An immense multilingual dictionary from Google covering some 30 languages, and allowing search for to the meaning of terms, listening to the correct pronunciation of each word.  It can also translate a phrase into several other languages.  This resource, coupled with the definitions from Google’s own database, also provides a list of definitions extracted from a number of internet sources, among them Wikipedia.

Langtolang: A multilingual dictionary in 48 languages containing over 26,000,000 words in 2,162 bilingual dictionaries.

Wiktionary: Wikipedia’s lexicon companion, it was set up as a free dictionary in all languages, being updated on a collaborative basis.

A Web of On-line Dictionaries: A Web of On-line Dictionaries: Provides links to over 400 dictionaries in 130+ languages. It serves as a very rich and complete reference source.

LOGOS Dictionary: This one has a database with over 7.5 million entries covering 30 languages.  Just type in the word you’re looking up (for example, Portuguese) and get the translation into several languages.  In addition to the translated word, the dictionary also provides usage examples. Very good.

YOUR DICTIONARY.COM: It is s a compilation, within one single site, of some of the best on-line dictionaries found on the Internet.  To conduct a search, simply type in the word you want in the dialog box and press GO.

iTools: A very interesting site offering a series of translation resources, such as an on-line thesaurus, multilingual translators, quotes, etc.  The site organization is excellent, enabling the user to quickly find the most appropriate translation dictionary or tool for specific searches.

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