Official Translation Services

With 20 years of operation, BTS started its work in São Paulo achieving a prominent position among Brazilian translation agencies. Over these two decades, the demand for translations has increased appreciably, particularly in a world that is becoming more and more connected and with the increasing ease of building up worldwide business and relations.

Translations of official quality, guaranteed by a team of competent professionals, are a yardstick and are expanding into many different areas, from texts and documents geared towards business and finance, to industries such as telecommunications, information technology, engineering, law and even the medical sector.

Excellence in translations is ensured by a team that accurately translates any content, relying not only on the direct transition of languages, but on the context and the message of each text. The professionals are native speakers, i.e. they guarantee extensive quality control and the certainty of a good translation.

Working with several clients of national and international repute, BTS is present in official translation services involving English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese. The company’s differential lies precisely in this diversity and multidisciplinarity of its fields of activity.

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