Medical Translation

Producing a high quality medical translation is essential for promoting communication between physicians, pharmaceutical companies, patients, their families and nurses. Hence it is necessary to rely on a trustworthy company, capable of translating technical terms and maintaining the scientific content of the source texts.

BTS is able to handle this work, as besides understanding linguistic structure, its excellent professionals also come from different backgrounds. This means that the job will be done by medical translators who master all the medical jargon.

Quality in medical proofreading

BTS believes that technical texts should be translated by people with experience in the area in question. In the case of the medical sector, it is crucial to convey information with as much stringency and attention to detail as possible, as the target audience is formed by people interested in specific data. In addition, as the subject in question is health, it is important for the message to be conveyed seamlessly.

We have 20 years of experience in the translation market, and medical texts are one of our specialties. Various pharmaceutical companies recognize our work and our clients, including GE Healthcare and Neodent. Discover our services and receive perfect translations with considerable speed and efficiency.

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