In addition to the other translation services offered by the company, BTS Global is also specialized in the translation of websites and software for clients of other regions. Known as localization, this service translates content of the website of a country into other languages and adapts this content.

Regardless of the company’s sector, this is a great way of building a global website able to reach as many clients or customers as possible in different markets. One of our differentials is a strong concern with maintaining the authority and clarity of the original text in the translation.

Traditional values and reputation

With 20 years of experience in the sector, BTS Global understands the importance of good website internationalization work, and in order to offer a complete service, relies on a team of qualified professionals from several countries and areas. It is owing to this knowledge mix that the end result is even more satisfactory.

Recognized as the best company in the industry, we translate different kinds of texts ranging from legal documents to scientific and financial articles. Our services are excellent options for those seeking files translated with quality, and we offer optimal advantages to clients besides the assurance of exceptional work.

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