Legal Translation

BTS is aware of the importance of translating texts in which the meaning of the original message is maintained. Consequently, we work with the client’s particularities, the writing style and the area of activity in mind. Legal translation is one of the fields in which we are experts, always providing projects, companies and law firms with the best service.

Regardless of the type of file you need to translate, the size and the language involved, such as Portuguese and Spanish, we have qualified professionals to help you in this task.

Standardized language

To fully satisfy our clients’ needs, we are prepared to identify the profile of each one to create a standardized language, so the translated texts gain more authority and clarity to the reader. We also have a specialized team of translators of different professions and countries. This helps to make the result of the translations even better, as each professional understands the complexity of an area and knows how to display this knowledge in words.

BTS has 20 years of market experience and is ready to help you communicate with the world. Besides translating legal texts, we also handle the translation of scientific and financial articles and others. Discover all our advantages!

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