Translation Services

With the increasingly globalized market, the exchange of information and communication between different languages has become essential. It was in this scenario that the need arose for translation services, which focus on conveying data and content into another language in the most faithful and compatible manner possible.

BTS offers its services with the goal of facilitating transactions and communication between national and multinational companies. The agency specialized in translation was founded in 1995, in São Paulo, and has gained the market’s trust in its sector.

Services offered

With thousands of translated texts and documents, BTS covers a broad range of specific areas, such as IT, medicine, law, insurance, finance, business, telecommunications and engineering. Besides the diversity of subjects, the agency also guarantees translation excellence in six languages: English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The services handled by the agency include sworn translation, specialized in documents; technical translation, covering medical, pharmaceutical and legal subjects, for example; simultaneous interpreting; and website translation.

Besides having experienced professionals, BTS also relies on top-grade equipment, which guarantees the quality of services and client satisfaction.

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