Spanish to English Translator

For the Brazilian market, Spanish and English are the most important languages after Portuguese, as they help to maintain relations with Latin American countries and the United States. In the case of English, the language has become universal and necessary for a wide variety of areas and situations.

Accordingly, BTS, a translation agency with 20 years of experience, works with Spanish to English and English and Spanish translators, helping companies and projects that need these two languages.

Sundry texts

BTS translates different types of texts, from the simplest messages to legal, scientific and financial work. This is only possible because BTS has a qualified team of translators specialized in different areas, which allow the agency to deliver the best translation. We also have strict proofreading and editing methods to ensure that texts are accurate, clear and cohesive.

Besides Spanish, English and Portuguese, we also translate texts in German, Italian and French. We employ the same level of stringency and critical analysis to all the languages, which helps us maintain the credibility of our services. Rely on our experience and reputation to translate what you need!

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