Spanish Translation Services

Spanish is currently one of the most spoken languages in the world, and therefore vital for global communication. Because of this, many companies, especially from Brazil, have a channel of communication in Spanish should they wish to expand their business to neighboring countries.

In this scenario, BTS offers Spanish translation services both to companies and for personal projects. We work with the translation of various languages into Spanish and vice versa, regardless of the text content, whether legal, financial, medical, administrative, website, or other types.

Expert translators

To provide your company with the best translation service in Spanish we have a team formed by native translators who are specialists in the above mentioned areas of activity. This ensures maximum fidelity to the original text, as the professionals have extensive knowledge of the content to be translated and are particularly rigorous with specific terms.

For these reasons BTS is leader in the translation industry and always offers its clients the best services. Receive the translation you desire in Spanish or another language, in the shortest possible time and with superior quality.

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