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If you need a quick and reliable translation, then make the right choice! Contract BTS, one of the highest regarded Brazilian translation firms, serving an impressive portfolio of domestic and foreign clients, with thousands of translated texts in a wide range of areas under its belt.



Since 1995, BTS has worked to provide clients with a professional translation, decoding the message between the languages and making the text as faithful as possible to the original. For this purpose we rely on translators from several countries with language proficiency and specific knowledge in various areas. Thus we are able to translate contents of different topics, such as law, finance, administrative and scientific texts.


Besides professionals with proven ability, we also have our own quality control methods to always produce an excellent translation in the shortest time frame possible. This is what has enticed so many national and multinational companies to engage our services, contributing even further to our good reputation in the market.

We work with the following languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. As regards the type of text, our translations range from simple articles and websites, to lengthy and specific documents. When requested by the client, we also handle text revision, editing and the printing of the desired article.

Count on BTS’ experience to make the communication of your project even more effective and global. We guarantee an excellent translation, which will satisfy your needs quickly and efficiently.



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