English to Spanish Translation

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, and is present in Latin American countries and in Spain. As regards its power in global communication, i.e., the number of nonnatives who speak the language, Spanish ranks behind only English. This means that more and more people are learning the language to excel in the job market and to expand national frontiers.

Faced with this scenario, companies that aim to win over the Hispanic public and to augment their business need to communicate perfectly both in Spanish and in English. As the message has to be conveyed with clarity and coherence, BTS provides several services for your company, including English to Spanish translation.

Proven experience

BTS has been in the translation market for 20 years, offering complete services tailored perfectly to the needs of each company. Our clients include prestigious brands, such as Nokia, Fiat, Itaú and Ambev, which have already recognized the importance of communicating well with as many people as possible.

We offer sworn and written translation, simultaneous interpreting and website translations between English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and French. Get to know our services and achieve your goals with us!

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