Portuguese to Spanish

There are already about 406 million native Spanish speakers worldwide, and more than 110 million people use it as second language. This makes Spanish one of the six official languages of the United Nations (UN). In addition, it is also very important to Brazilians.

Surrounded by Spanish-speaking countries, Brazilians feel this need for communication from an early stage. Whether for traveling in Latin American countries or even for studying, Portuguese to Spanish translations are extremely necessary.

BTS offers the best service in this segment, with professionals fluent in the language. The importance of this is mainly reflected in the adaptation of texts to a wide range of regions, as Spanish is present in different countries and continents, also producing a series of dialects and differences in the use of words and vocabulary.

This directly influences the receipt of the text, which arrives at the native reader in a much more natural way and with more authority. The use of the right words in translation transmits confidence and credibility for the author, who manages to communicate in a much more effective manner with his or her readers.

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