Success Stories
Technical Translation

These success stories demonstrate our experience, excellence and commitment to solving our clients’ translation problems, doing whatever it takes to serve them efficiently.


A BTS foi contratada pela Solaris Edições Culturais para traduzir a publicação Minerais e Pedras Preciosas do Brasil para o inglês, um livro volumoso de 712 páginas.

A obra apresenta um amplo panorama histórico e iconográfico da produção nacional de minerais e pedras preciosas, com capítulos dedicados à arte lítica dos índios do Brasil, aos primórdios da mineralogia no País, além da descrição de novos minerais no Brasil e os ciclos do ouro e do diamante.


This was a huge challenge, as the content involved not only History, but also Gemology (a multitude of names of precious stones and their characteristics), Geology and Mineralogy.

We needed to identify native English translators with in-depth technical knowledge in these areas. We also had the difficult task of assembling a team of reviewers with specific training and technical experience.

Finally, the deadline was extremely challenging, as our client needed to publish and print the books within a very short span of time.


After intense research work (and using our database), we managed to assemble a highly skilled team of native English translators and reviewers with a technical profile in Mineralogy.

Our major distinction was project management, combined with the fact that we were able to select qualified and proven translators for this job. We also performed a thorough terminology survey of the names of the minerals and their respective translations before the project even started, compiling a glossary for the translators.

The result of all this work can be seen at the link below:

This case summarizes our expertise in technical translations. We have a team of time-tested technical translators with specific knowledge in the areas involved (Engineering, Telecommunications, Medical, Aerospace, IT, etc.).


Carlos Cornejo

Editor, Solaris Edições Culturais

We are a publishing house producing books of historical and scientific content, such as Minerals and Precious Stones of Brazil, in 2010 (712 pages); Nau Brasilis: The History, Trajectory and Resumption of Brazilian Shipbuilding, in 2012 (360 pages); and Mineral Collections of Brazil, in 2019 (792 pages).

Our readers are extremely qualified and highly demanding, and therefore the translations of our published works require qualified, versatile and motivated professionals, who search for the exact term or are able to explain to English-language readers the terms and concepts that aren’t always directly translatable. Translations that require – in addition to scientific accuracy, grammatical quality, richness and finesse to convey the spirit, mood and content of the work.

The service provided to us has always been punctual, accurate and efficient. Given the volume of material, BTS set up schedules, organized teams of translators, guided them according to our instructions and editorial standards and carried out a constant review of the final material presented to us within the stipulated deadlines. The quality of the translations has garnered praise by our international readers, who value our books for their content and skilled translation into English.