Success stories
Legal Translation

These success stories demonstrate our experience, excellence and commitment to solving our clients’ translation problems, doing whatever it takes to serve them efficiently.


We received a request from audit firm BDO Brasil that seemed impossible: a certified translation from Portuguese to English of a huge stack of printed documents (over 1,000 pages) in about a week.


This translation project was extremely complex, because it required us to scan all of these pages and turn them into separate documents in Word® before we could even start translating; to assemble a team of certified translators with legal experience (since the documents involved mostly contracts); identify reviewers capable of proofreading all translations in a very short time; and assign an experienced and dedicated project coordinator to manage this entire workflow.


We accepted this challenge and immediately hired five desktop publishing professionals to scan all the printed documents (done over a weekend!). The result was a compilation of Word® documents already properly formatted and prepared to be translated.

Then, we allocated a Project Coordinator to spearhead the job and identify certified translators with suitable profiles in our database, as well as reviewers to work on the translations as soon as they were done. The team was assembled in record time and immediately grasped the urgency and responsibility of this translation project, because failure to meet the deadline was not an option!

Working tirelessly and burning the midnight oil night after night, we were able to finish the translations, which were duly reviewed, proofread, printed, and at last delivered to the client, on time.

BDO Brasil also received a perk that we had not even been hired to provide: delivery of the documents all meticulously organized in folders separated by subject matter, thereby facilitating the organization and handling of the contracts.