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Success Stories
Financial Translation

These success stories demonstrate our experience, excellence and commitment to solving our clients’ translation problems, doing whatever it takes to serve them efficiently.


We have been serving a “Big-Four” audit firm since the start of our activities (over 20 years ago). Over this period, BTS has come to be one of its main translation providers.

We received an offer that was both enticing and challenging: Take over most of the firm’s volume of translations, mainly financial statements.


As financial statements must be filed on a quarterly basis and almost simultaneously with the SEC or the CVM (Brazil’s Securities and Exchange Commission), this meant an enormous amount of translation work concentrated within a very short time.


In order to take on this demand, we needed to set up an exclusive internal framework for this client, involving project coordinators, financial translators and reviewers.

As BTS has decades of experience in the field of finance and hundreds of qualified and tested translators, we had no difficulty in meeting this demand.

We currently receive dozens of financial statements in a single day. As we know that this workflow will take place every quarter, we are always prepared.

This “Big Four” firm was able to relieve its internal support structure (thus reducing costs) and is assured of meeting its translations needs at very competitive prices.

What sets us apart

BTS is one of the most experienced Brazilian translation companies in the financial area, and we have been in operation on the financial market for over 20 years. We have already translated hundreds of millions of words in this area and we have genuinely specialized translators (some of whom are former financial executives).

Therefore if you need to translate financial statements, management reports, reference forms, earnings releases, among other financial documents, don’t take any chances! You can count on translators with in-depth knowledge of the financial market’s nuances and terminology.