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Success Stories
Business Translation

These success stories demonstrate our experience, excellence and commitment to solving our clients’ translation problems, doing whatever it takes to serve them efficiently.


Fomos procurados pelo ISE Business School, uma escola de negócios de renome internacional que oferece cursos de Educação Executiva e Executive MBA. A instituição foi reconhecida como a melhor escola de educação executiva do mundo segundo o ranking “Executive Education” do Financial Times por cinco anos consecutivos (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 e 2015).


We were invited to a meeting with several representatives from ISE Business School. The challenge was to translate case studies from several renowned institutions (including Harvard Business School) from both English and Spanish into Portuguese (and vice versa).

These case studies serve as the basis for the Executive Education and MBA programs, and are used by senior executives, board members, CEOs and businessmen – a high-caliber and very demanding group of stakeholders.

We needed to adapt the Portuguese translations in order to maintain the appeal and the “look and feel” of the original case studies. As we were told at the meeting: “The professors here don’t accept mistakes, and may even argue over the correct position of a comma”.

Makingthe scenario even more challenging, deadlines were a key factor, as the institution often sent a set of cases to be translated and delivered simultaneously.


Despite initial apprehension in relation to the assignment, we took on the project owed to our specialization in the business area (as our company name attests). We selected translators with an academic profile and solid managerial background, as well as independent reviewers experienced in academic texts.

Since then, we have translated hundreds of case studies for ISE, and we can honestly say that these are some of the most gratifying and challenging translations we currently undertake, in view of the breadth of content.