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Knowing how to choose the right translation company can be a daunting task, especially bearing in mind that the company you choose will be responsible for bridging the gap between your company’s communication and the outside world.

As we can clearly see in any basic web search, translation companies are ever more ubiquitous. Whether stemming from increased international operations of companies or the needs of individuals to translate their documents for a wide variety of purposes, translation has become part of our corporate day-to-day activities. Vis-à-vis this scenario, the best path for you is to select a translation company that is properly qualified and specialized in your area of business.

We developed this article exploring three key aspects involved in the search for an outstanding translation company, namely: Leadership, Experience, and Differentiators.

Based on these three points, you can rest assured that BTS is the right choice for you.

Please bear with us until the end of the text, and you will be able to come to a decision about one of the best translation agencies in Brazil.

Current scenario of translation agencies on the Brazilian market

In the first place, we’d like to demonstrate that – when searching for a translation agency – you’re going to come across all kinds of services and translators, all kinds of prices, and all kinds of promises of quality. However, we know that not all that glitters is gold; when the final translation is delivered, if it is subpar, the company that hired the service may even run the risk of incurring a loss or otherwise be harmed.

To begin with, companies that actually specialize in corporate translations are scarce on the market, forcing businesses that seek translation services to request such services from non-specialized agencies that simply translate everything: from processes for obtaining citizenship to student exchange documents. There’s certainly nothing wrong with these services, or with such agencies. Nonetheless, as a translation company specializing in the corporate market – which exclusively serves Businesses – we know that the day-to-day routines, the demands, the deadlines and even a company’s own documents are very different and often necessitate completely different experience and parlance.

Not only that, but the majority of conventional translation agencies resort to non-specialized freelance translators, which can compromise (and seriously) the quality of the translation.

1– The leadership attributes of a Translation Company

As we said previously, we will begin by stressing the point of leadership!

To be at the forefront of a market as big as the translation market, it’s necessary to have attributes that differentiate and qualify us as a translation company. We list some of these characteristic below, which can help you find a market-leading translation company:

– More than 20 years’ experience!

We’ve earmarked a section to look further into BTS’s experience in business translation. But, just to give you a better idea of who we are: we started out back in 1995, with the goal of being the number-one option in translation services for companies. And our goal remains the same to this very day!

– Specializing in the area of corporate translation

Our name conveys our very purpose: BTS (Business Translation Services) specializes in translations for businesses! We believe that when you have a sharp focus, you can concentrate your strength on being the best. And our focus is precisely on fulfilling your company’s translation needs, following a completely different work flow from that of a translation agency
geared toward individuals.

– Consultative client service

Because we know the true value of service, BTS has developed a consultative service team. So, when you contact us, you’ll receive consultative client service whereby we discuss the project, your specific needs, and how best to serve you in a personalized way.

– Ongoing training of our professionals

Offering a highly qualified team of translators guarantees the success of a market-leading translation agency! BTS fully understands this point, so we train our employees on an ongoing basis, through refresher courses. We work with the best; therefore, we know that our greatest asset is people.

– Flexible client service channels

After so many years in business and so many projects delivered to our clients, we’ve been able to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs. Therefore, we know that being able to serve our clients in different and wide-ranging ways is the pathway toward offering convenience and speed. This is why we offer client service and price quotes through our website (with the online quote tool that allows you to attach the documents that you need to get translated), via messaging (e.g. WhatsApp), by phone, by email, and even in person. Thus, our clients can feel free to talk to us whenever and wherever they feel most comfortable.

2– Service that only extensive experience can offer

Understanding why leadership makes a world of difference, now we’re going to talk a bit about our second point: Experience!

With 25 years of experience on the translation market, we’ve been through countless situations and learned important lessons from them. Perhaps part of what a company can offer can be acquired with good investments. However, certain assets only come with time and experience. Below we list some of them, so you can see how important this path has been for us.

– Clients and projects of all sizes

We’ve already had to organize our team of translators and reviewers to carry out high-volume and detailed projects, which required work performed perfectly and swiftly in order to meet tight deadlines.

– Assembling a skilled and experienced team

Consolidating a strong team takes time, especially one made up of highly qualified and reliable professionals with sufficient experience to add value and enrich translation in specific areas. We always give preference to professionals with a strong command of the language, culture, and area of ​​expertise regarding the specific translation at hand.

– Transparency about the way we work

On our website, you can check out several cases that demonstrate and exemplify the countless challenging situations where we’ve been successful. We’re constantly improving our processes to make them more effective, and to make life easier for our partners! This macro-vision in order to develop strategies for optimal solutions is the fruit of many years of performing top-notch work.

– Solutions in all types of translation

Only a translation company with years of experience is properly suited to work with different types of translation – such as certified, technical, simultaneous (among others) – without relinquishing quality.

– Relationship with our clients

With so many projects carried out and so many partnerships forged with clients, we’ve managed to create genuine empathy in order to provide consultative service and, jointly with our clients, to reach the best solution for their translation needs.

– Improvements in the translation process

Through extensive practice, we’ve been able to improve our translation process, not only with qualified professionals, but with the latest technology as well. Over the years, we’ve built a huge repository of translated words, developing a vast and wide-ranging terminological bank.

– Technology with a human touch

Surely, technology is nothing without human specialization. Accordingly, we invest in continuous refresher training for our translators. Offering translations in six languages, BTS always encourages its translators to keep up-to-date and continue to evolve in their careers.

– Experience and excellence

We’ve built our history slowly and painstakingly, consolidating our bases with excellence and developing a way of providing services whereby our clients become our partners. We invest in state-of-the-art technology and qualified professionals. BTS – Business Translation Services has developed a concept in a translation company that combines experience with excellence, and is deeply concerned with delivering the best for our clients and their businesses.

3– BTS’s Differentiators

Now we’re going to show you our last point: our differentiators and why you and your company deserve translation service with high quality and excellence, like only BTS (Business Translation Services) can offer!

– More than just professionals, we are specialists!

No technology can outperform the specialization and development of the human mind. Accordingly, we’ve assembled a team of translators who are much more than just language experts. Our professionals have specific backgrounds and work in a wide array of fields. For instance, we have former financial market executives who perform specialized translations in this area, and lawyers who translate legal texts, among other examples.

– Various areas of specialization

A remarkable translation company needs to know how to navigate through diverse areas of business. Therefore, BTS offers translation services in various fields of specialization, such as: Business, Financial, Technical and Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Telecommunications, Legal, Insurance, Medical and Pharmaceutical, among others.

– End-to-end service

Client service is essential for establishing a relationship of trust. Accordingly, we’ve created a service network that functions like a veritable consulting firm. This means that, after contacting our team, the client receives consultative service to obtain the best solution for their specific translation project. Aside from this consultative service, what also sets us apart is our extremely swift response to the client with a price quote, and we carefully handle their project from end to end. Once the translation project is approved, a project manager will be assigned and will attend to all stages of the process, without overlooking any detail whatsoever.

– Head and shoulders above the rest, a tradition on the market

With 25 years of tradition, BTS knows full well what it’s doing. We’ve already served clients with projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. We are well acquainted with the corporate translation market in far-reaching areas, so we have the expertise and know-how to bring out the best of your company.

– Various types of translation

In the translation business, there are several areas of specialization that, accordingly, involve the need for specialized teams. We work with them all, namely:

  • Certified/Sworn translation: performed by translators who have undergone a public selection process and are licensed by the respective State Board of Trade, this type of translation is generally used in processes where the document must be translated by someone with “legal authority to attest documents” (for example, tenders, documents for citizenship applications, etc.).
  • Technical Translation: requires highly skilled and specialized translators, because – aside from having full command of the language pair – technical translators must have in-depth knowledge of the specific technical area and the appropriate jargon and terminology in order to deliver a thoroughly accurate and consistent technical translation.
  • Financial Translation: used specifically for translating financial documents and projects, often involving very specific terminology from the world of finance (for example, financial statements, management reports, earnings conference calls, etc.).
  • Consecutive Translation: this is the type of translation where the speaker talks for a short period of time, then pauses to let the interpreter translate what was said.
  • Simultaneous translation: this is the type of translation where the speaker’s words are translated simultaneously by the conference interpreter, usually working from inside a translation booth, and the attendees hear the translated content through earphones.
  • Website Translation: this type of translation requires a translator who has extensive knowledge of the company’s area of business in order to translate the content accurately and faithfully.
  • Text Translation: translating a wide variety of texts is crucial at any company, ranging from simple emails to complex contracts.

To learn more, contact our service team through one of our various client service channels: website, WhatsApp, telephone or email. We’re always standing by and ready to serve you!

Contact us today and check out these and other advantages of having your translation project handled by a market leader, with the experience and differentiators that only BTS can offer!