Technical Translation

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Technical translation is no joke!

This is definitely the type of translation that demands the most from translators and the company they work for. Also, this type of translation can bring about major hassles if it contains errors.

Let’s analyze together all aspects of Technical Translation and understand why BTS is the right choice for you!

What is technical translation?

Technical translation is the translation of documents that – as its name implies – consist of technical content on a particular subject. The main areas that use this type of translation are: engineering, finance, pharmaceuticals, medical, information technology (IT), advertising, and insurance.

This type of translation can also be certified or not. A tradução juramentada é necessária para documentos que necessitam de uma tradução “oficial” e que, portanto, podem exigir um tradutor técnico juramentado.

Irrespective of whether or not translation companies are easy to find, a technical translation requires the highest degree of knowledge. This is why it’s so difficult to find the right professional for this type of project.

What does the right company offer?

As we said before, the translation market has many options of agencies. To help you make the right choice, you need to make sure the company has:

– Translators who have an in-depth understanding of all technical terms and abbreviations:

Each area has specific terms that – if translated “to the letter” – may lose context.

– Command over the subject matter to be translated:

It’s not enough to know the language; the translator must have solid experience in the financial area (if translating a document or article on finance, for example).

– A technical background:

Currently, the translating profession does not require any specific degree; however, in the case of technical translation, the professional must have a strong technical background in pharmacy (for example), if specializing in technical translation in that field.

– Professionals who are also excellent writers to provide greater fluency to the text and make it easy to read:

Any type of translation has the primary goal of making the translation as natural-sounding as the text written in the original language; in the case of technical translation, this care has to be redoubled. For example, imagine if a project contains errors in the interpretation of a medical package insert or patient information sheet! This could be an extremely dangerous mistake.

– Proven command over the language pairs:

An impressive résumé is not enough; the professionals need to demonstrate that they know what they’re talking about. For example, at BTS we have translators who were once corporate financial officers, for technical translations in the area of ​​finance.

– Experience:

As we’ve said time and again, technical translation requires skilled professionals. Therefore, only a company with a broad-based list of time-tested professional technical translators can guarantee impeccable work.

– Good client service:

Often, a technical translation firm may even have good professionals and offer competitive prices, but when it comes to serving you, it’s unable to convey confidence or it takes too long to send a price quote.

– You should choose a translation company with multiple service channels.

With the hustle of daily life and the urgencies of each project, you need to select a translation company that can serve you through multiple channels. At BTS, you can contact us by email, over the phone, via WhatsApp… in other words, any way you find it fastest and most practical. And what’s more, we usually send our formal price quotes within two hours of receiving the files to be translated.

– Choose a translation agency that is flexible regarding your demands.

These days, regardless of its area of business, your company has countless types of projects that require translation. To be able to perform each project in a unique way, it’s necessary to choose a translation company that understands all these particularities. For example, a translation project involving an instruction manual may require much more than mere translation, including the development and validation of a glossary of technical terms, desktop publishing (i.e., delivering the translation in the same format as the original document, for example, in PDF, InDesign, PageMaker, PowerPoint, etc.) and even printing out hard copies at a print shop.

Technical Translation Company: Learn how to hire a technical translation company

Running an international company can present several challenges, including communication. Dealing with projects in multiple languages ​​can be overwhelming if you and your company don’t have a technical translation company to assist you.

Companies in wide-ranging segments often use technical translation, since this type of specialized translation is quite common and involves technical terms and jargon in a specific area. However, there are several subspecialties within the general field of technical translation, and it can be difficult to find skilled professionals. It’s not enough for technical translators to master the languages involved: they also need to have experience and background in the area in question.

What’s the right translation company?

Any errors in this type of translation can lead to serious consequences. Failure to translate technical terms can cause more than embarrassing situations; it can cause physical damage, harm to human health, financial loss, improper use of equipment, and even render tools and machines unusable.

At BTS translation company, we understand exactly how serious technical translation is, so we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Our translators have far-reaching experience not only in translation, but also in the technical areas of the projects to be translated, as well as the culture of such areas.

Another important factor is the translator’s qualification. We know that translators will become more qualified to the extent that they constantly refresh their knowledge. Accordingly, at BTS we invest in the training and qualification of the team on a regular basis.

With our company, you have complete translation services for technical documents and articles, manuals, specification sheets, business proposals, and technical standards. Our team specializes in translating technical bulletins, package inserts, and designs in the areas of chemical, civil, mechanical, electrical, food and production engineering.

Technical Translation: 10 reasons why you should hire BTS

To make things crystal clear, here we list 10 reasons to choose BTS for technical translations: Confira:

1 – Experience

Since 1995, BTS has been gaining ground on the market, with quality and excellence in client service. We’re known for our experience in the area, and such an attribute is not something that can be bought; it’s achieved over decades of hard work and dedication.
Our 20-plus years of experience have taught us a great deal, and enable us to deliver fast and flawless translations.

2 – Specialization

We’re a translation company that specializes in serving businesses. Other agencies may dread the need take on large projects with tight deadlines and higher degree of difficulty. However, BTS isn’t afraid of challenges; we believe that our trusted professionals and our experience can guarantee a job well done.

3 – Deadlines

Our reputation precedes us, and shows that on-time delivery is an obligation for any translation company. Therefore, BTS not only meets deadlines considered impossible by other companies, but even manages to deliver some projects ahead of schedule.

4 – Client Service

Nobody likes to request a translation and receive lackluster client service! In order to strengthen relationships and maintain loyalty among our clients, we rely on consultative client service. Such service guarantees open and candid dialogue with clients, to be able to understand their real needs and adapt the available solutions to their reality.

5 – Desktop Publishing

Have you ever imagined entrusting your document to a translation agency and having it completely misformatted? That would be awful, and would entail major rework! As our intention is to make life easier for your company, we offer desktop publishing of your entire translation project. This means that regardless of the format of the file you send to us, it will be returned translated and in the same format, whether in PDF or PowerPoint, with figures!

6 – Diverse languages

The world doesn’t just work in English, so BTS works with the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Regardless of where your company is located, we hope to be able to serve you with this range of languages.

7 – Service channels

Today, flexibility is everything! BTS understands that your company’s day-to-day activity can be hectic and that you need flexible solutions. Therefore, you can request a price quote through several channels: on our website, via WhatsApp, over the phone, and in person. Whatever the channel or channels you choose to use, we guarantee you’ll receive top-notch client service!

8 – Multidisciplinary work

Our team works with a multidisciplinary approach! When it comes to technical translation, our translators not only master the language, but also have technical specialization in the specific field of ​​translation. And to enhance our expertise, BTS has professionals from several different backgrounds: engineering, financial, information technology, pharmaceutical and medical, insurance, and advertising. For each of these areas, we have professionals with international experience, maintaining direct contact with other cultures, in addition to technical specialization in a wide variety of market segments.

9 – Success stories

Nothing conveys more confidence than knowing that other companies have already used our services and have obtained good results. On our website, you can explore several cases of success and see what we’re talking about. BTS – aside from having vast experience, employing skilled professionals, and delivering projects within challenging deadlines – works with clients and projects of all sizes.

10 – Strict processes of quality control

For BTS, quality is serious business! To ensure that the entire process of translating, publishing, and reviewing your project will be of the highest quality possible, we assign a project manager, who not only monitors the entire process, but also allocates the best translator or team of translators to your translation project. This professional checks the need for desktop publishing, accompanies the translation work, performs meticulous reviews, and generally oversees all of the stages involved.

What is the ideal solution for hiring a translation agency?

By following all the information above, your search will be much easier, and we firmly believe that BTS is the ideal solution for you. Our company stands out above the rest, thanks to our unique and personalized service, helping us establish long-lasting relationships with our clients. To further strengthen these relationships, we’ve invested in consultative client service, aiming to find solutions tailored to your project and your company. Also, we always try to keep the same professional serving you, so you’ll have a single point of contact for all your translation needs.

We offer several client service channels to make it easy and convenient to contact us. You can request a price quote by email (the most commonly used method), over the telephone, via WhatsApp, or by filling out the online form on our website, which also lets you upload your files for even speedier service. Plus, if you want to visit us in person, we will be pleased to receive you at our offices.

Technical translation is a very specific field and should be handled in a business-like manner. BTS has a database of professional technical translators, tested on thousands of projects, so we can absolutely assure a job well done. And what’s more, we have a reputation for meeting extremely tight deadlines, being recognized precisely for our speed in serving our clients and delivering translations within deadlines that our competitors are simply unable to meet.

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