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Do you know what a Legal Translator is, and when you should use one? Check out this article and learn more.

Legal translation is essential for any company. Even if a company isn’t currently involved in any litigation or labor claims, it still needs to deal with legal procedures that require the services of a skilled legal translator.

Oftentimes in the corporate world, a company finds itself in situations where communication with the courts and other legal agencies is necessary. These situations may even involve parties located in foreign countries; for this type of scenario (and many others), a Legal Translator is used.

We prepared this article so that you can appreciate the importance of having a reliable translation agency at your disposal, so that when such need arises, you’ll have the proper support for your legal translations.

Read it through and find out more!

What is Legal Translation?

This is the branch of translation that handles all legal documentation of a company or individual.

It’s important to stress that Legal Translation is not the same as certified (or sworn) translation. It’s important to stress that Legal Translation is not the same as certified (or sworn) translation.

a Legal Translator translates documents specifically for legal purposes, such as contracts, case law, court documents (petitions, appeals, complaints, etc.), laws, etc., and may or may not be certified.

How does a Legal Translator work?

This is an extremely specific area of ​​the translation market, so there’s generally a shortage of professionals for this type of translation job.

Legal translation requires a higher academic level of its professionals; they must be outstanding translators and have experience as lawyers and/or legal experts. This background is necessary because the translator must have thorough knowledge of the legal system of the countries corresponding to the source language and the target language.

Otherwise, the translation agency must take an additional step in the translation process: a legal professional must review the text to verify that it is coherent and cohesive.
Aside from the heightened academic level, this translation specialization demands a higher level of responsibility, given that an inaccurate translation may lead to legal consequences and problems with the law.

What is a Legal Translator used for?

A Legal Translator is used for various situations involving legal proceedings and agencies. Various documents are requested in even the simplest of court cases, for example. All this documentation is handled by a Legal Translator, but such procedure isn’t so simple that it can be performed by just any translation company.

The most common documents in legal translation for companies are: meeting minutes, contracts, corporate law, articles of organization/association, legislation, tenders, expert opinions, case documents, powers-of-attorney, court sentences, etc.

Why does your company need a Legal Translator?

To better explain this, we’ll show you, in practice, how Legal Translator service is useful within any company.

– Legal Proceedings

To defend yourself against lawsuits filed by customers, vendors, or other companies; or even if you need to file a lawsuit yourself, a legal translator is the professional who can help you.

– Documentation for hiring employees

Hiring employees can require a great deal of documentation, especially when employees are from other countries or if the hiring process takes place outside Brazil. In order to ensure that this process will be done properly and won’t lead to labor claims in the future, a legal translator is essential.

– Documentation for expanding your business

When a company decides that it’s the right time to expand its territory and open a branch abroad, a legal translator is one of the first professionals to be included on the team. Knowing the legal systems of both countries involved, this language specialist will be able to translate the documentation as required by the respective legal systems.

– Labor Claims

Even with a top-notch HR department and proper hiring processes, companies constantly have to deal with labor-related lawsuits. For this type of proceeding to go smoothly, the company needs to have a legal translator to provide the proper support.
Why hire BTS as your legal translation company?

Countless situations can make you and your company seek out a legal translation agency. Regardless of the reason, below we list several key reasons for you to choose BTS. Check it out!

1 – Multidisciplinary Professionals

Legal translation is not as simple as other types, whether certified or not; it requires a heightened level of knowledge in the target language and in legal parlance as well. At BTS, our team of translators has thorough knowledge of different legal systems and in-depth understanding of the law; we have former lawyers and legal professionals who are extensively trained in translation.

2 – Experience

With over 20 years on the translation market, we’ve worked with wide-ranging projects involving corporate legal documents. This type of experience allows us to assure our clients that they will receive the very best in legal translation.

3 – Quality Control

Even the slightest mistake in a legal translation can seriously compromise your company, and may even cause problems with the law in multiple countries. To steer clear of this type of problem, or even the outright cancellation of an entire process, we have a Project Manager who closely monitors all stages of the translation process. From assigning the best team, to reviewing, publishing, and verifying that everything is compliant for delivery to the client, the Project Manager is the one who makes sure everything’s in perfect order.

4 – Languages

At BTS, we have translators qualified to translate six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. And don’t forget: in addition to the respective language pair, our professionals have knowledge of the jargon, specific terms, culture and experience in the legal area.

5 – Consultative client service

When dealing with subject matter as delicate and complex as legal translation, it is of the utmost importance to receive a high-quality service, capable of understanding and measuring the difficulties faced during the translation project. To better envision effective solutions, BTS offers consultative service, whereby companies that hire us can lay out their needs and find answers that can make their journey easier.

6 – Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing plays a key role in processes that use Legal Translators. This service can maintain the original file format, or deliver it in any format required. When dealing with legal matters, there may be specific formats and configurations required, so it’s crucial to use a company that offers this service. Here at BTS, we deliver the very best in translation and file configuration.

7 – Fast Delivery

Translating legal documents may require short lead times, depending on the need to forward documents to different agencies and lawyers, and the use of such documents in legal proceedings with deadlines determined by others outside the company; legal translation needs to be not only meticulous and accurate, but also fast. BTS is known for meeting unbelievable deadlines! Quality and speed can go hand in hand, and BTS is proof of this!

8 – Client Service Channels

BTS thinks of all possible solutions for you and your company; this is why we’ve expanded our service channels. The service for requesting price quotes can be done via WhatsApp, over the phone, in person, or through our website. Our web-based price quote service even lets you upload the document to be translated, for a more exact estimate.

9 – Specialization

We believe that the more specialized we are, the higher quality work we can deliver, so we’re a translation company specializing in serving businesses. Accordingly, we’ve come up with strategies that are able to specifically address situations found in business processes, which usually have different types of documents and requirements when compared to attending to an individual.

10 – Certified Legal Translator

Legal processes may require not only legal translation, but also certified (sworn) translation. In this type of translation, the document undergoes the legal translation process, and is then sent to, verified and endorsed by a certified translator, rendering the document acceptable domestically and internationally for legal purposes. At BTS, we offer both types of translation, thereby reducing red tape and delivering excellence.

What is the best solution in Legal Translation?

Various situations may require the services of a legal translation firm, which is why BTS has a specialized area with translators who have experience as lawyers and legal experts, providing context and correct use of legal terms and jargon known only by those who have worked in this field.

This facet of translation requires in-depth knowledge and specialization, since any mistake – or any word that is out of context – could cause direct problems with the law, not only in the country of the source language, but in the country of the target language as well.

This type of error can have serious consequences for any company, so you need to place your trust in a translation company that has a proven track record in this segment. BTS has been on the translation market for more than 20 years, having translated millions of words, offering personalized client service and handling projects of all sizes. We always invest in the continuous training of our translators, which is essential for an impeccable translation.

Don’t wait for a problem to occur before hiring a reliable translation agency! Irrespective of the situation and the documentation involved, BTS has an area dedicated exclusively to legal translation. Though this is a segment in which it is difficult to find fully qualified professionals, we trust in our specialized team,

because it consists of translators who are former and lawyers and legal experts, able to streamline the translation process and guarantee excellence. We understand that this is not an easy type of service to perform, but in our more than 20 years of experience on the market, we’ve already handled a wide range of projects, of all sizes and levels of difficulty, which entitles us to say that we can find the best solution to deliver effective translated communication!

Contact us, and see for yourself.