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Translation company with over 15 years experience and 5,000 clients served.

Languages ​​offered:

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Written Translation

Written Translations

BTS offers complete solutions in translation, regardless of the area, size and complexity of your project. We are prepared to handle all stages of the process from simple messages to complex agreements, proposals, technical articles and manuals: translation, proofreading, publishing and printing.

We implement procedures and technology to ensure excellence and expertise in translations.

Specialized Team

Our multidisciplinary team comprises experienced translators and proofreaders from different countries and diversified fields of specialization. Therefore, we can quickly identify and select the professionals best suited for each of your company’s translation projects.

Relentlessly Thorough Proofreading

Our translations undergo a meticulous verification process to ensure the grammatical, technical and linguistic accuracy of the text, which guarantees high quality in the end product.

Customized Service

The more documents we translate for your company, the more familiar we become with the language used in your company. Technology and the latest translation aid tools enable us to customize and standardize the terminology adopted for your documents. Accordingly, the original message is transmitted with accuracy and clarity in the intended language.

Desktop Publishing (Optional)

We also offer desktop publishing services for translated material, performed by professionals using the leading DTP programs in the market, both on Mac and PC platforms.