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Translation company with over 15 years experience and 5,000 clients served.

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Document translation services

It is no good deciphering words individually when translating technical documents as the message needs to be mastered as a whole to convey it in the best possible way. To this end, BTS offers a document translation service in several sectors of activity, from simple texts to the company’s bureaucratic documents, contracts and technical articles.

Our aim is to offer an absolutely complete solution in translations for your company or project, also including proofreading, editing and printing. Therefore we receive scientific, legal, financial, business, and other documents, always maintaining quality regardless of the subject, the text size, and the languages involved.

Specialized team

Professionals from various countries and areas make up our team, allowing us to select those best qualified to work on a particular project. In addition, we work to standardize the language of a single company’s documents, which means the original message is conveyed with more precision and clarity.

BTS has been operating since 1995, offering top quality translations and thus gaining national and international repute. So if you wish to translate one or more files with quality, discover the excellence of BTS Global, which is currently the best company in the translation industry.